We are not a club …with special rules

And … do not want to become one. We organize group trips to interesting museums, forts or figure exhibitions and shows. Among other things, we were already in the Army History Museum and the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz, in the Garrison Museum in Mainz, of course, always we are always at the Zinnfigurenbörse in Kulmbach, once we have been at the Zinnfigurenbörse Bantzenheim / France.

Among other things, we visited the private collections of Walter Badusche, Count Bülow, Dr. Roer, Alfred Sulzer, Steve and Josie Sommer, Markus Grein and many more. Made trips to the figure Shows in London and Chicago. We made private collectors fairs 2003 and 2005, have heard high- profile speakers such as Dr. Roer, Uwe Kappel, Prof. Dr. Czeguhn, Markus Grein, Dr. Schraudolph and many others on various topics. And have further plans to visit more figure shows, Museums, Auctions and other Events in the future. If You think this sounds interesting for You – please join us and be part of this project.